Spring Time Home Rejuvenation

The dreary Canadian winter months mask the many issues homeowners must confront if they really want to harness their real estate to the fullest extent. The collective winter hibernation disappears once the first spring sun rays of 2018 beam down to expose the areas of your property you’ve been neglecting.

Landscaping Touch-ups

After the snow melts and you’re left staring at puddles filled with grey by-product, the area surrounding the is often neglected when pondering renovations, but carries such significant importance because it is the leading factor aspect in the formation of a first impression of the home. Potential home buyers’ first impression starts with the home’s siding/facing and landscaping, which establishes a positive outlook/feeling heading into the home and initiates their emotional investment/attachment to the home, thus supporting the preliminary purchasing decision.

Kitchen Remodeling

Warmer weather means it’s barbecue season! Not only is it a great time for the amateur chefs to get creative with their grilling abilities while enjoying the great outdoors, but it also facilitates the notably profitable kitchen remodeling process, as an alternative cooking spot while the stove and oven are out of order. Complete kitchen renovations can include old appliance replacement, granite countertops and an open concept design for those with more generous budgets, but stone backsplashes, tile flooring, and modern wooden cabinets are some of the more accessible kitchen renovation favourites for homeowners looking for a quick and easy interior refresh..

Structural Updates

The departure of frost provides homeowners with a prime opportunity to assess and update outdated structural elements. More specifically, homes with roofing work dating 20+ years should strongly consider interlock roofing for its’ effectiveness affordability. Also, it’s critical to inspect attics every spring for any sign of water damage. Any indication of leaks, even excess moisture, can eventually lead to costly repairs potentially costing tens of thousands if left unattended. If you’re unsure of the integrity of your home, consult a professional, since it can potentially save you thousands of dollars to correct these issues in the future, in addition to reducing your energy bills.

This spring, every homeowner should consider addressing these aspects of their homes, regardless of their intention to sell or not.