Finding Talent is the Key to Success

Whether you’re an entrepreneur aspiring to grow your small startup to the next multi-billion dollar tech hit in Silicon Valley or you’re working a 9-5, we’ve all heard something along the lines about the importance of a company’s employees. Whether is was that the most important resource for a company is the employees or that talent is the key to success, the simple fact that a company’s talent typically mean the difference between success and failure remains true. As we look to develop our software and we gear up for launch, we at ReDeal have had to work on finding and acquiring talented people who have the same drive and vision for the company as the starting team does. Although, it has shown to be quite challenging, when you find the right persons or a’s a match made in heaven. This is simply undeniable and we have learned this first hand. Ask the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and then the owner of a small restaurant and they will both agree, 99% of the time.

We’ve had quite the challenge trying to find talented people. This is in fact be one of the causes that it’s taken so much time to develop the service. We have however learned a few things about the ways to find people that are good matches for your company and keep them. Here’s a couple tips and tricks:

1- Social media is the key to success. We’re living in 2018 and if you’re company is not on social media, you gotta get with the program. Social media is a great way and some would argue the best way to reach the highest amount of qualified people in the shortest amount of time. It allows you to target a specific group of people that you are looking to reach with a post and disseminate information such as job postings in a matter of minutes at no cost. Using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter will provide you with some good applicants and definitely spread the word much faster, however, LinkedIn remains the top platform for professional posts. Although key metrics such as number of views, likes, shares and the response rate may not be as high on LinkedIn, candidates who find your job posting on LinkedIn are more likely to be better matches for the job. Keep in mind that these people are on a professional development platform and are therefore typically more responsive to job postings.

2- Don’t waste your time trying to make things work with people who aren’t a good fit. One of your biggest assets and strengths as a startup, is your dynamic nature and ability to pivot with relatively little effort and risk. Since you don't have full time employees, a large amount of customers, or even any real obligations, you can take the time to ensure that you are properly addressing issues within the company and you have time to recover from the impact of these changes. As a result, a startup can take the hit of letting someone who isn’t a good fit and lowering their efficiency because they can rely on the fact that someone else will come along soon enough and in the long run, it will be much better for the company.

3- Make sure that you can trust everyone you hire. Just like a relationship, a startup requires trust. You must trust the other partners word or else, just like a marriage, it’ll end with a divorce. The fact is that everyone in a startup is taking on almost every role. As a result, someone that you hire to manage your social media will also be looking into market research and having input on the design of your website. This means that the environment must remain very open and everyone working has to know that the people they are working with have the best interest of the company at heart. We can consider the fact that you don’t want your top secret projects to be spilled to the competition or that you can trust that someone will be able to complete a task within a timeframe as equally important because negative results would both damage the company.

4- Always run a trial project. Since we’ve started hiring, we always make potential hires go through what we call a trial project. This is essentially a small project with little significance to the overall company but relates to the tasks that the potential hire will be undertaking. Over a couple weeks, you should be able to tell whether the candidate is good and would work well as a member of the company. We have found that although these projects may never actually be used, we can use them to gauge someone. Essentially it is like a probation period but we require it for anyone looking to join for good reason.

5- Use all the resources you have available. This seems pretty obvious, but it’s something that most entrepreneurs tend to overlook. As a matter of fact, all ReDeal employees are students so far. The reason is quite simple, student are motivated, typically very knowledgeable and often more efficient when it comes to working in certain companies. There are also many other resources that can be used. For small projects such as a logo design, use websites like Fiverr and Upwork to get quality work at a fraction of the cost of a real graphic designer. For web services, use a platform such as Wix or Squarespace to reduce your costs and implement a great website in a fraction of the time. No matter what you have to get done, consider innovative methods that would allow you to get the same quality or even better work done at a fraction of the cost.