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Your Business


Our leading online platform offers your business an entirely new way to attract customers. We handle the logistics to make sure you can book as many clients as you can, on your schedule.

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Simply complete a thorough tour of our customer's property. Then combine your experience and knowledge, with our proprietary algorithm to develop the best recommendations for our clients.


Streamline your Books

Decide how many clients you can handle, and how you want to get paid for the services you provide. Contact us to receive more details about the ways ReDeal can streamline your revenue.

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How You Benefit

Easy Access

Our talented marketers established a leading e-marketing strategy, and continually improve it to attract today's online consumer. Our partners have unparalleled access to an innovative platform that is an industry first.

Increase Sales

Diversify your sales channels and streamline your revenue by providing consulting services to us, and getting paid for your expertise. Receive compensation based on the amount of consultations your business can provide.

Gain Exposure

Target new customers and join a forward-thinking company looking to challenge the status quo. Build yourself an online presence and a great reputation, faster and more effectively than ever before.


Expanding farther and expanding faster has never been simpler.